Tell Me Sweet Little Jokes

What do you need in your life right now?

Do you need an hour of your day filled with merriment and jokes? Attempts of extreme punmanship? Do you crave for nothing more than a laugh to be had in your ears that you may not fully understand but enjoy nonetheless? Do you want to find out what the sound of my voice is like? Well here you are, your confusing and intrusive questions have been answered.

I am part of this podcast aptly titled “Knobcast” which is headed up by my dear friend Gearoid Dempsey and his whimsically comic ways are helped along by myself and our fellow funnyman and resident voice of reason, Danny McGill.

On four episodes so far, the series has tackled many, many issues but nothing that many would see as important, we’ve gotten to grips with topics such as Char-Gs and their existence, the necessary nature of chairs and whether or not I am a Highlander. That’ll become clear in episode 5. We tell tales, maybe even lies, but all in all we do it in the hope that someone, somewhere might laugh at it. Or us.

Also, I make an incredible Fascist related chair joke that is very good. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t honestly believe it.

So, follow us on Twitter, give us a like and share on facebook, download us on Soundcloud and do whatever you have to do when you use iTunes.

Do what you gotta do. Much love, and keep your stupid dreams alive!