I Will Arise and Go Now…


This blog space on the internet still works or indeed is still functional; proof if ever it was needed that everything stays on the internet FOREVER.


Like this. This is here forever, Conor.

It’s also another exhibit to show that blogs are the most disasterously easy things to abandon, forget about and pretend it never happened in the first place. Well, just like the guilt you felt after leaving those poor auld kittens in the Budweiser box outside some poor unfortunate’s door, the blog is there, reminding you of what you failed at, meowing away everytime you log onto Facebook or Twitter making you feel a malestrom of emotions, all being negative.

Well, now, I will attempt a revival of this blog. I’ve looked at now and again and finally had enough of it. This is going to be Christ on the cross kinda job. Well, no. I don’t believe for a moment this blog will influence the western world for 2000+ years in such an oppressive manner. I just mean the whole “Getyup an’ do it ‘gain lad comeyup atallya, hup!”

Or rather a rebirth. Another go, no, start of attempting to blog. Yeah. That’s it.

Anything could be written about, writing, wrestling, writing in wrestling, vice versa, terrible Irish television, trousers, music, all that carry on. Maybe a story or two, wha? C’mere, go ‘way.

A restart can be good for you, y’know?


Inishfree. Honestly, it is.