Featured on ‘The Reading Life’ review blog

My story “Oh What A Perfect Day” has been reviewed on The Reading Life blogging site. Also, I was fortunate enough to do an interesting Q & A session on writing in general which featured a wrestling match with a playwright, a novelist, a poet and a short story writer. It has the beginnings of something…

I’m very grateful to Mel for giving me the opportunity, it was well appreciated. The link for the Q & A session is below and therein lies a link to his review of my short story!

Also, Twitter is a thing.




I am not proud.


This Is A Chris Morris Reference

So, this is a first of posts in relation to me, Paul Thomas Jefferson McCarrick, and my writing progress. Like all posts that will follow, there will be attempts at humour, such as in the title. Be wary, this could turn into a habit.


* My name, in reality, does not include Jeffereson, but I believe it benefits greatly from it’s inclusion.